Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the weekend gang dinner / movie

february 23, 2007


waiting for our table

po and oli

appetizers anyone?

po with his new baby

yabang naman... :P


at superbowl

full house

ruben, pat, chico, jem, po, oli and lex

pre-dinner discussions

pre-dinner laughs


pa-cute ay!

kainan na!

post dinner discussions


oli: satisfied?**

ruben's charcoal licorice


smint and charcoal licorice

ruben: yum!


before the movie

let's exchange our movie tickets for ghost rider for another movie...

oli: sige usap kayo dyan, kakain muna ko.

**apparently not

looking on

ruben: i think we should see the last emperor of...


after the movie

all smiles even after the movie

dissecting the movie


dota na! / uwian na!

po: jem sumama ka na...

po: lex sumama ka na...

po: jem, sasama ka ba?

pat: sige usap kayo. pose muna kami ni joyce. :)


last pic of the night




oli: ganito ba?

po: di ganyan! ganito...

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Celedor said...

Waaaaa missed it! :((

Thanks for the pics!